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Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Device Inc. is a WI DOT certified installer and lessor of the Draeger Ignition Interlock Device with multiple locations throughout SE Wisconsin.







  1. Meet Or Beat Pricing:  Wisconsin Interlock will meet or beat competitor’s pricing in Milwaukee County.  Contact us after you shop around, we will offer you the lowest price.

  2. Better Devices:  Wisconsin Interlock installs the Draeger XT.  XT stands for "extreme tempretures" and is designed to function properly in cole environments, such as Wisconsin winters.  It is commonly considered the best device on the market.   

  3. Local Service Means NO Sub Contractors: The Draeger device is leased and serviced by Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Devices Inc.  You do not lease the device from an out-of-state service provider that subcontracts the service.  All of our time and expertise is devoted to the ignition interlock, not things like stereo or car alarm installation.  Individuals that need their cars can expect quicker service times from Wisconsin Interlock.   


Benefits of using Wisconsin Interlock’s Draeger Device in Milwaukee: 

  • Local - Wisconsin Interlock is one of the only local companies in Southeastern WI servicing the IID.

  • Quicker Customer Service - No lengthy wait times dealing with interlock providers residing outside of WI.  If there ever is a problem with a device, Wisconsin Interlock can service Milwaukee residents in a matter of hours versus a matter of days.  You won’t be without your car.

  • Better Devices - The Draeger XT is DOT approved and provides alcohol specific tests for Milwaukee clients.  You won’t get locked out due to other environmental contaminants.  Draeger handsets can be removed in winter and kept inside, preventing lengthy warm up times.

  • Mobile Service - Milwaukee residents that can’t make it to a facility for installation or recalibration can use our mobile service and have their interlock device serviced at home.

  • Free Recalibrations - Wisconsin Interlock provides free recalibrations at any of our locations in Milwaukee or the surrounding counties.


Milwaukee Clients Needing Mobile Service


Wisconsin Interlock provides mobile installations and service of the IID for an additional charge.  Wisconsin Interlock services all the counties surrounding Milwaukee.



Voluntary Use Of The Ignition Interlock Device


We often make poor decisions when are mind is impaired by alcohol.  The interlock removes the decision to drive.  But you don't need to have an OWI prior to deciding to do something about it. As the old saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


Wisconsin Interlock offers discounted rates for Milwaukee’s volunteer clients.  This is a great option for businesses or college students as well.



Milwaukee Interlock Installers and Service Centers:


422 E. Oak St.

Oak Creek, WI 53154


2081 South 55th St.

West Allis, WI 53219


9730 Granville Rd., Unit C

Milwaukee, WI 53097

Don’t let an inferior device lock you out due to no fault of your own. Use the device that Milwaukee residents trust to keep their vehicle operational.