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Receive a free installation and get the lowest annual cost available, worry free. Pre-register today and then shop around. If you receive a better price quote from any service provider within Jefferson County, prior to your appointment date, let us know and we will beat any legitimate quote from an authorized Wisconsin provider.

Who is Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Devices Inc.?

Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Devices Inc. is a full service ignition interlock device provider for the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Interlock installs and services the LCI-777, a State approved ignition interlock device, in Johnson Creek, WI

How does Wisconsin Interlock differ from the other ignition interlock companies?

  • Local: Need your device and car working at all times? There is no waiting for a new device to be sent to a local subcontractor if your device needs to be replaced. Your interlock device is leased from Wisconsin Interlock located right here in Wisconsin. Therefore your service and lease will be generated from one entity. You will not hold a lease for the device from an out-of-state provider and be serviced by a third party. We strive to have the quickest repair/replacement service times in the industry. Fortunately for us, this is not often necessary.
  • Free Recalibrations: Wisconsin Interlock does not charge extra for 60 day recalibrations.

How does the individual obtain a court mandated ignition interlock device in Johnson creek?

If an ignition interlock device is mandated by the court, one can be obtained by contacting Wisconsin Interlock at (262) 458-0988. Personal information and vehicle information such as the vehicle year, make, model, vehicle tag number, and VIN number will be required to register the client with the proper reporting agency.

How much does is cost to lease the ignition interlock device?

Price varies by location, interlock provider, type of vehicle and vehicle components such as remote starters, push button starting mechanisms, etc. Wisconsin Ignition Interlock attempts to have the best price points in the industry. Set your appointment and if you can obtain the price more affordable anywhere else, prior to your appointment date let us know and we will be willing to meet or beat the competitor's price quote.

What should the individual expect at a typical installation appointment?

  • A typical installation appointment takes 1 and a half to 2 hours, but may take longer for some vehicles.
  • You will receive complete training on the use of the interlock device as it is being installed.
  • You will need to complete the administrative paperwork, including the contract and lease agreement.
  • The service technician will provide you with a user manual in English or Spanish and answer any questions that you may have.

Is service required after the device is installed?

Recalibration service is required every 60 days by state law at which point the "events" log is downloaded and transferred to the proper government reporting agency.

Address: N5913 Hwy 26, Johnson Creek, WI 53038
Phone: (262) 458-0988
Fax: (920) 699-3328

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* Free Installation is based on a 1 year lease, the typical minimum requirement for OWI violations in WI.

Don't let an inferior device lock you out due to no fault of your own.
Use the device that Jefferson County residents trust to keep their vehicle operational.

777 Device

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