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Washington County

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Who is Wisconsin IID?

Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Devices Inc. is a Wisconsin DOT certified provider of the LCI-777 ignition interlock device. Wisconsin Interlock has convenient locations throughout SE Wisconsin and is the largest LCI-777 provider in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

Why choose Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Device?

  • Pricing: Run a comparison to the other interlock providers; however, when doing so, make sure you look at the overall yearly cost to determine what you're actually going to be spending. Beyond installation, there may be costs to lease the device, recalibrate the device, remove the ignition interlock device, and more. Wisconsin Interlock simplifies this pricing and has the lowest overall cost. However, if you find a lower priced interlock device, please call and give us an opportunity to beat it - our goal is to offer you the best service at the lowest overall price.

  • Local Service: Wisconsin Interlock has technicians, diagnostic equipment and "back-up" devices locally. For something as important as keeping your car operational, it is imperative that you maintain local service. All of our time and expertise is devoted to the ignition interlock, not other car accessories or car maintenance.
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1272 Lang St., Suite #2 West Bend, WI 53090