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Kenosha County

2 Factors Kenosha IID Clients Should Consider When Obtaining An Ignition Interlock Device:

  • Cost: Receive the ignition interlock device in Kenosha at the lowest price available in Kenosha County with our meet or beat price guarantee.
  • Service: All interlock providers do not have the same business model. Some of the providers lease the device and subcontract the local service. This can be problematic. Imagine that there is a mechanical problem and it is unknown whether it is the interlock device causing the problem or a mechanical problem with the vehicle. Is this a service issue, a device issue or a vehicle problem? Who is responsible, the local service provider or the device manufacturer whom your lease is through? With Wisconsin Interlock, Kenosha residents are leasing and receiving service from one entity. Wisconsin Interlock maintains diagnostic equipment to test for device problems on the spot. If there is a device issue, Wisconsin Interlock can resolve the problem in a matter of hours versus days. You won't need to wait for a replacement device to be shipped to a Kenosha service provider. Wisconsin Interlock carries backup devices at all shops. Kenosha interlock clients that need their car can benefit from this business model. All of our professional experience is solely devoted to the ignition interlock device, not things like stereo installation, tire installation or muffler repair.
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