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Free Installation

Low Price Guarantee

State Certified

Free Interlock Install

Low Price Guarantee

State Certified

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Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Program

  • Free Interlock Installation at all WI Interlock Locations.
  • Low Price Guarantee, We will meet or beat total IID cost.
  • No sub-contracting service provider fees.
  • Mobile service available, we will come to you!
  • DOT, WI state certified devices with camera and real-time reporting.
  • A+ BBB Rating.
777 Device

State Certified LCI-777 Devices

  • LCI-777 Includes state mandated camera and real-time reporting.
  • The LCI-777 handset contains all of the important parts and functions of a modern mobile breath-alcohol testing instrument.
  • State Certified Devices
  • Easy breath tests. Simple straight blow test. No complicated blow suck/suck back or humming breath patterns necessary.
  • Reduced warm-up times in comparison to other devices (helpful in the Wisconsin cold).
  • Cleaned and tested prior to use.
  • Replacement devices kept onsite, never wait for a replacement device to be shipped in case of an mechanical issue.
  • Remote access unlocking feature.

Ignition Interlock Pricing

  •  Free installation is provided with standard lease agreement on most vehicles for a limited time; however other charges may apply for more difficult installations and or the existence of certain vehicle components such as remote starters or push button starting mechanisms.

  •  Wisconsin IID will meet or beat any other offer from any WI certified IID provider, right up to the point of installation.


State Certified IID Service

If you cannot be without your car, local ignition interlock service is imperative.

  • Lease and service through one provider locally: You will not hold a lease with one company out-of-state and be serviced by another locally. Wisconsin Interlock does both locally.
  • Ignition interlock installation service is all we do: We only work with the ignition interlock device. We are not an auto repair shop that occasionally installs and services interlocks. All of our time and expertise is devoted to making sure the interlock program works for you.
  • Quick service and troubleshooting: Should you ever have troubles with a device, we can remedy those issues usually in a matter of minutes. Diagnostic equipment is kept onsite locally to troubleshoot and resolve any potential issues.

The Appointment

  • Book an ignition interlock installation with one of our new installation reps. We will need to gather some about you and your vehicle, ahead of the appointment, to report to the proper government agency.
  • Arrive at your IID appointment. A typical installation appointment takes 1 and a half to 2 hours. However more difficult vehicles could take an extra hour or more. During this appointment you will watch an instructional video and you can practice using the device.
  • At the conclusion of your appointment, you will receive the MV3598, the official state form certifying installation of the ignition interlock device. This form can be taken to a Wisconsin DMV to certify your compliance.
Waukesha Location


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